Hard To Get Deep Breath

If you have difficulty breathing, it is difficult or inconvenient for you, the body needs oxygen to take. You may feel as if they get enough air. Easy breathing sometimes a stuffy nose, or difficult exercise. The shortness of breath can but also a sign of a serious illness. Imagine breathing to feel for many conditions. Lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema and pneumonia cause breathing hard to get deep breath difficulties. You may also have problems with his trachea or bronchi, which are part of the respiratory system. Heart disease can short of breath, feel if the heart is not able enough blood to oxygen to your body by feeding pump. Stress can be difficult, you can breathe. They often have difficulty breathing is important to find the cause. StressHot and wet weather can cause stress. Hot and cold end put your entire body. To maintain optimum body temperature, your body must work harder to cool in the heat and because the body uses more energy to the body to cool itself off, more oxygen and can thus follow the shortness of breath. The tension in the form of emotional disturbances such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression is known to cause respiratory problems. According to author Robert e. Najemy with emotional disabilities due to anxiety or depression rather unconsciously, to hold my breath so that your breath is tense, superficial and sometimes unstable. Emotional stress, coupled with heat complaints can prepare the way for respiratory problems, death. .